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Large Rotacasters

Optional specification levels

Standard: control turntable and primary arm speed, direction and time independently from a pre-stored mould memory database

Rock & Roll: for long or narrow moulds, R&R turns your rotacaster into a highly sophisticated see-saw. Click here for more information

ControlCAST 2.0: The all-new unique system for complete casting control, including R&R. Click here for more details or call 01938 555599

The EVC2

EVC2 rotacasting machine

EVC2 shown with optional top support arm for long, difficult-to-support, narrow moulds

The EVR2

EVR rotacasting machine

The EVR2+

EVR2+ rotational casting machine

The Evolution EVC2, EVR2 and EVR2+ differ only in their capacity and the assisted balancing on the larger EVRs. The control system and general functions are identical.

The EVC2 is our medium floor-standing 3D casting machine, designed for mid-sized moulds or multiple smaller ones. The EVRs are perfect for larger moulds or clusters of smaller ones. All three run off a standard 13amp plug (domestic type) - no three-phase supply is needed.


If you think you may be on the border between the sizes, it's worth bearing in mind that a large machine will run a small mould, but a smaller machine might not run your bigger moulds.

Our rotacasters been designed with function and comfort in mind. Even fully loaded and working at top speed, these machines are quiet and unobtrusive.

One of the many facets of Evolution rotacasting machines that make them unusual is their smoothness. These rotacasters are not only integrally balanced, you can balance them still further once you load your mould.


Why is this a benefit? Balanced moulds run without  sloshing or splashing the resin. This means less air bubbles and a more even wall thickness, which in turn means better material economy. It also results in a machine running under less stress, giving you a quieter environment and a rotacaster with a longer effective working life.

We're so confident about how smoothly our single-post rotacasters run that we don't bolt them to the floor. The EVC2, EVR2 and EVR2+ are all mounted on omni-directional castor wheels. Unlock the wheels and move your helpful rotational casting machine to just where you want to work. At the end of the day, or when you need more space, just roll her back out of the way.

If you need to run really big, heavy moulds, then the twin post EVRX is the machine for you. This is a serious beast of a rotacaster, built entirely to your specifications. The EVRX comes is a variety of safety surrounds to suit your individual requirements. The EVRX rotacaster runs off a 16amp power socket (not three-phase). No two EVRX are the same, so if this is your route, give us a call on the  number below to discuss your requirements.

Getting your mould finely balanced on an Evolution rotacaster is simple. The heavier EVR2 and EVR2+ are fitted with an assisted adjustment system, and the EVRX with motorised adjustment, to enable you to move the independent counterweight and turntable to exactly where you need them with a minimum of effort. Balanced moulds give better casts, after all.

The EVR2 and EVR2+ come with separate top support arms to enable the secure attachment of longer moulds. Top support arms are also available for the EVC2. The EVRX (built to client specifications) features a built-in top support for those really large, heavy moulds.


EVRX18 world's largest balance rotacaster

For further information or a personalised, no-fuss quotation, please give us a call on the number at the bottom of the page, use the details provided on the Contact page, or email us.

We export Evolution rotational casting machines worldwide.

The control panel (with the same controls across the entire Evolution range) is sited next to the doors for ease and speed of operation. You can either pre-enter your settings and simply leave your machine to get on with the job, or change any setting at any time without having to stop the mould run.


Even if you make rapid speed or direction changes, your Evolution caster will keep both axes moving smoothly whilst quickly reaching the new setting. This stops slosh spoiling your casts and your profit margins.

Long narrow moulds?

Long, thin moulds can be a real nuisance to cast consistently, but our highly controllable Rock&Roll option takes care of it for you. Use the link here for more information or it or follow the Options tab on the top menu bar for the full range of optional extras. 

Extra control options

Complex casting is made simple with our unique ControlCAST 2.0 software option. More information is available here or via the Options tab.

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