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The Evolution Range

Evolution Rotacasters come in a range of sizes to suit pretty much any mould, from dinky to massive. More descriptively, you can cast something as small as a replica wren's egg or as large as the bodyshell of a classic Mini on one of these beautifully British-built, British-designed machines.

There are six fabulous rotational casting machines for you to choose from, and yes, you can buy direct from us (the manufacturer).

Call us today on +44 (0)1938 555599 for more information about how an Evolution Rotacaster can put greater profit into your casting processes.

Call us today for a no fuss, no hassle, personalised quote

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Compare the models...

EVU lagre bench top rotacaster | otational asting machine

EVU2 - the big bench-top rotacaster

Moulds 600mm x 400mm x 25kg

Great for prototyping or casting those small to medium moulds where workshop space is at a premium. This robust rotacaster will happily sit on a low workbench, or opt for its purpose-designed mobile workstation that enables you to decide where you want to work today.

The EVU comes fully assembled, ready to get straight to work making amazing things.

Compac workshop rotacaster rotational casting machine, resin casting

EVC2 - compact, floor-standing, mobile

Moulds 1000mm x 500mm x 50kg

This mid size, floor-standing rotacaster is so beautifully balanced that it comes on omni-directional castors - move it to where your work takes you.

It comes with the cage partially assembled - just bolt in two panels, plug into a 13amp power outlet and you're ready to start casting.

Large rotacaster on omni-directional wheels

EVR2 - large, floor-standing, mobile

Moulds 1500mm x 1000mm x 75kg

The EVR handles larger moulds with ease, running quietly and smoothly even when fully loaded so as not to disturb the rest of your workshop. Like the EVC it comes on omni-directional castors so that you can move it easily.

Comes with the cage partially assembled - just bolt in two panels, plug into a 13amp power outlet and you're ready to begin working.

EVR2plus large mobile cold resin rotacaster

EVR2+ - large, floor-standing, mobile

Moulds 1550mm x 1000mm x 135kg

The EVR2+ has been designed to suit heavier moulds. It's just a little wider than the EVR to make mounting those moulds easier.

The EVR2+omes with the cage partially assembled - just bolt in the side panels, plug into a 13amp power outlet and you're ready to begin casting.

EVRX18  rotacaster.jpg

EVRX - extra large, floor-standing

Average mould sizes 2m x 2m x 300kg

The EVRX is the world's largest fully-balanced rotational casting machine for cold-cast resins.


Every one of these machines is built to the customer's unique specifications. You tell us how big and heavy your moulds are, and we build and install a rotacaster that is unique to you and your needs. Prices depend on your specifications - give us a call on 01938 555599 for a no-hassle, personalised quotation.

The EVRX can come with an integral safety cage, or you can opt for a purpose-built room complete with safety interlocks. This monster plugs into a standard, single phase 16amp wall socket.

Polyurethane rotocast arm made on a rotocaster

Statue arm with armature, cast on an Evolution EVC

Kind courtesy of Kadampa Art Studio

Mars globe rotacast by Mar Globe Maker.j

3D topographic Mars globe, cast by Polymer Invent

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