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The Rotacasting Gallery

Rotational casting produces hollow casts, ideal for making cost-effective runs of simple or detailed shapes.


If you need open skins (such as for armour breast-plates or car dashboards), lay up your originals in pairs (like a clamshell) or similar multiples and then cut open the cast after curing to produce multiple casts from one mould.


For solid items, back-fill with another material to give weight and density. Back-filling can be done with a wide array of closed and open cell foams, dry materials such as sand, or bulking agents such as resins, acrylic or concretes.

Hover over or click on the images below for more detail.

Here at Evolution Rotacasters we're always fascinated to see the items that are made by rotacasting.

If you would like to showcase your rotacast creations here, please get in touch.

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