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Specification Options

Every Evolution Rotacaster comes with three specification levels for you to choose from: Standard, Rock&Roll, or ControlCAST 2.0.


Control the turntable and primary arms independently for speed, direction and time. Either enter your mould settings and run it or, for moulds you use regularly, pre-store the settings in the machine memory and simply tell the rotacaster which mould you want to run.

The memory will record parameters for up to 100 moulds.


​Long and narrow moulds are notoriously difficult to cast consistently. The whole process is made so much easier by adding our R&R function to the Standard configuration.  


R&R rocks the primary arm slowly up and down on the horizontal plane, whilst still allowing the turntable to rotate normally. Essentially it turns your rotacaster (rotocaster) into a highly sophisticated and controllable horizontal see-saw that rotates as it rocks.

For ultimate versatility, you can flip into R&R at any time during a standard rotation, and then back into a full rotation if you need to. The angle of pitch can either be equal or uneven on either side, giving you complete mould control, and can be adjusted at any time whilst your cast is running without halting the sequence.

R&R can be really useful for producing quality casts of columns, tree trunks, statues, car dashboards, mannequin legs, or other similarly awkward long shapes.

R&R is an optional extra on the entire Evolution rotacaster  range and comes as standard on the EVRX.

ControlCAST 2.0

The all new ControlCAST 2.0 system includes the ability to preset multi-stage mould sequences, and includes R&R.

ControlCast includes a 'pours' function that enables you to either run multiple materials one after the other in one mould, or to to build up material thickness step by step to avoid slumping. The software will store information of the materials and amounts for each pour.

In addition, each pour sequence can include multiple cycles that will run one after another. These cycles could include changes of speed or direction, the stopping of one axes (i.e. either the primary arm or the turntable), or the inclusion of an R&R sequence.

For example, tell your rotacasting machine you want it to go forward at one speed for so long, then backwards at another speed for more time, then into R&R, and then back into forwards rotation - all at different times and speeds if needed. It controls both the primary arm and turntable independently. You don't need to have both running simultaneously.

ControlCAST 2.0 includes an enhanced mould memory so you can create your own database of up to 498 moulds. Memory expansion packs are available for larger production manufacturing processes.

Rotocasting machine control panel
Bench top rotocasting machine

Why add ControlCAST 2.0?


Save time by adding pre-programmable control to your casting processes.

  • Control the machine and adjust settings on the fly

  • Store speed, direction and time settings for both axes independently

  • Add multiple sequences for complex moulds

  • Build in multiple pours to increase thickness or secondary material layers

  • Store the material description and volumes required for every mould

  • Record and store up to 498 individual moulds

ControlCAST was designed by Evolution Rotacasters in collaboration with casting professionals and is only available on Evolution rotacasting machines.

For further information or a personalised, no-fuss quotation, please give us a call on the number at the bottom of the page, use the form provided on the Contact page.

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