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The Small Rotacaster

Optional specification levels

Standard: control turntable and primary arm speed, direction and time independently from a pre-stored mould memory database

Rock & Roll: for long or narrow moulds, R&R turns your rotacaster into a highly sophisticated see-saw. Click here for more information

ControlCAST 2.0: The all new ControlCAST system for complete control, including R&R. Click here for more details or call 01938 555599

The EVU2

EVU Front View 1.jpg

The all-new EVU2 takes moulds up to 25kg. Be honest: that's a fairly impressive capacity for such a compact rotational casting machine.


Opt for the stand-mounted version and you can move this hard-working machine wherever and whenever you need to on its robust omnidirectional castor wheels.


Like the rest of the family, this machine is built to make your working day as straightforward as possible. The EVU2 will work long hours for you, producing cast after cast after perfect cast.

Just like the larger Evolution 3D casting machines, the EVU2 primary arm counterweights are fully adjustable so you can balance every mould. Balanced moulds give you a more even wall thickness and the fine definition in your final casts that you and your customers demand. It also helps to extend the long working life of your rotacaster and contributes to making the EVU2 a really quiet working companion.

The EVU2 may be small but she's tough and has the same superb build quality our customers have come to expect  from an Evolution RotaCaster. Our cold casting machines are built to keep on working for you: reliably, every day, maintenance-free, and definitely without any fuss.​

The control panels are identical across the Evolution range. The same levels of control specifications are available on these small rotacasters as on the larger machines.   

The EVU2 comes fully assembled. All you need to do is sit it somewhere sturdy and level and plug into a standard 13amp power outlet. You can be working in minutes.

For further information or a personalised, no-pressure quotation, please give us a call on the number at the bottom of the page, use the form on the Contact page, or email us.

We export Evolution rotational casting machines worldwide.

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